The Tour de France 2016

Posted by Hutchinson Immobilier on Jun 29, 2016

2nd-24th July 2016

Created in 1903, the Tour de France is one of the most important and popular sports events in the world. This prestigious 3-week race takes place every year in July, and features the best cyclists of the moment.

Between 20 and 22 teams of 9 racers travel the roads of France and sometimes the neighbouring countries during the twenty or so stages that make up the event. The stages of the Tour de France alternate between mountains, plains and races against the clock. The total distance covered by the cyclists is in the area of 3,500 km. During the race, the overall leader wears the yellow jersey, the best sprinter wears the green jersey, and the best climber wears the spotted jersey.

Over 10 million spectators of all ages gather by the roadside to cheer on the racers. The passage of the Tour de France is also a chance to celebrate to the sounds of the famous Promotional Caravan, which gives out all kinds of items from unusual vehicles. 3.5 billion TV viewers follow the racers’ exploits in 190 countries.


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